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Summerbreak 21

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Summerbreak 2021

We will be on summerbreak the next few weeks and start working again on October 2021. The support is open but the conversation rate will be lowered as we are on vacation. The average response time will be maxed out to around 72 hours instead of 2 hours.


We started the year with many internal changes. The name change from Plajers Lair to Plugily Projects took a little longer in some areas and took some time to get used to. In the end, we went through with the name change completely. Plugily Projects defines us on a broad scale and does not limit us to a one-man operation, as it seemed before. Mainly the Wiki, Api service(s) and Discord were affected. We are looking forward to the new time together and have already spent some nice months together under the new name.

Summerbreak 2021

As you have already seen above, we are in the summer break at the moment. That doesn't mean we are inactive, but we are taking some time off and want to relax and spend more time than usual with friends and family. This is the most important wish in our team, to have a hobby that is fun and does not bring any pressure or stress with it. A project that is fun together and educates everyone.

End of (old) beta testers

We want to thank again all our beta testers that were included into all betas until now. Beta testers please read the last announcement on the beta channel of our discord or read the planned new beta programm to get in touch with the next steps as beta tester ;)


In short

Currently we want to enhance the experience with our plugins by adding new stuff to them. Here and there along the lines (discord) you will see whats planned or will get changed. Therefore we want to change how we code and how the team works together. That means it will be a bit silent to the public the next weeks as we need to create/update internal stuff to go forward.

We got several stuff on our todo
Goal: Being more simple, modern and stronger
How: Internal changes that helps us to execute our work faster, optimize processes and start thinking about more automation/ki projects

Global pandemic

We hope that all your relatives survive the pandemic well and do not fall ill or have fallen ill with Corona. We wish everyone strength and health for the next months of building up various different measures against the future situation. We as Plugily Projects support local vaccination campaigns for the protection of each individual. Together we will create a world like before Corona!