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These are the PlaceholderAPI (PAPI) placeholders for BuildBattle. They are included with the plugin, so you do not have to download an expansion from the papi ecloud.

Statistics placeholders#

%buildbattle_blocks_broken%Shows your total in-game broken blocks
%buildbattle_blocks_placed%Shows your total in-game placed blocks
%buildbattle_games_played%Shows the total number of games you have played
%buildbattle_wins%Shows your total win count
%buildbattle_loses%Shows your total loss count
%buildbattle_highest_win%Shows your
%buildbattle_particles_used%Shows your total used particles count

Arena-related placeholders#

These are special PAPI placeholders that can be defined for each arena you have. You need to replace {arena} with your arena name.


Your arena name is "coaster" -> %buildbattle_coaster:players%

%buildbattle_{arena}:players%Shows the number of players in {arena}
%buildbattle_{arena}:max_players%Shows the max players allowed in {arena}
%buildbattle_{arena}:state%Shows the current state raw enum name (e.g. STARTING)
%buildbattle_{arena}:state_pretty%Shows the prettified name of the enum (e.g. Waiting instead of WAITING)
%buildbattle_{arena}:mapname%Shows the name of the arena map
%buildbattle_{arena}:arenatype%Shows the arena type raw enum name (e.g. SOLO)
%buildbattle_{arena}:arenatype_pretty%Shows the prettified name of the enum (e.g. Classic instead of SOLO)
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