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Find your variable for the ingame scoreboard

These are the internal placeholders for BuildBattle. They are included with the plugin, so you do not have to download them.

%MIN_PLAYERS%Minimum players sizeNone
%MAX_PLAYERS%Maximum players sizeNone
%PLAYERS%Size of players in arenaNone
%PLAYER%Name of playerNone
%THEME%Current theme stringNone
%TIMER%Current arena timer (ex. 10 seconds before start)None
%TIME_LEFT%Build time left, voting time leftNone
%FORMATTED_TIME_LEFT%Formatted above-mentioned placeholder (ex. 0m10s)None
%ARENA_ID%Arena ID stringNone
%TEAMMATE%In-game teammate nickTeams game type
%BUILDER%Current builder nameGTB game type
%CURRENT_TIMER%Current arena timerGTB game type
%{integer}_PTS%Get the points of that player on integer placeGTB game type
%{integer}%Get the player name on integer placeGTB game type

You can also use the placeholders from PlaceholderAPI.