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Commands and permissions

Overview about all commands and permissions


Some permissions are configurable (such as heads, biomes, etc). You can find the permission for those in their respective file (for example, biomes.yml for biomes)


[required argument] (optional argument)


/bb join [arena/maxplayers][solo/team/gtb]buildbattle.join.%arena% buildbattle.join.* (all arenas)Joins specified arena - maxplayers join arena with most players
/bb randomjoin [solo/team/gtb]Requires permission buildbattle.join.* to access all arenasJoins random arena of specified game mode
/bb arenasbuildbattle.arenasOverview over all arenas in one GUI. Select one to join
/bb stats (online player)Shows your stats
/bb leaveQuits current game. You can disable game quit in config.yml
/bb top [statistic]Shows TOP 10 players of specified statistic
/bb guess [theme]Only works on GTB mode - Can be useful for bungee handled chat servers
/bb selectplotbuildbattle.command.selectplotOnly works on TEAM mode - Select the plot you want to join



You can use buildbattle.admin.* permission to give all admin commands permission

CommandPermissionDescriptionValid excecutors
``buildbattle.updatenotifyNotifies about plugin update on join
buildbattle.command.overrideAllows to use every command while being in-game
``buildbattle.admin.sign.create(creating signs by hand) buildbattle.admin.sign.break (destroying signs)You can create or break signs with those permissions
/bb create [arena]buildbattle.admin.createCreates new arena with specified namePlayer
/bb [arena] editbuildbattle.admin.createEdits existing arenaPlayer
/bba listbuildbattle.admin.listPrints list of available arenasPlayer/Console
/bba stopbuildbattle.admin.stopgameStops game you're playingPlayer
/bba forcestart (theme)buildbattle.admin.forcestartForce starts game you're in When theme argument is typed arena starts with predefined theme without Voting phasePlayer
/bba reloadbuildbattle.admin.reloadReloads all game instances they will be stopped. Usage highly discouraged!Player/Console
/bba delete [arena]buildbattle.admin.deleteDeletes specified arenaPlayer
/bba tp [arena] [location type]buildbattle.admin.teleportTeleports to specified arena location Location types: START, END, LOBBYPlayer
/bba addplot [arena]buildbattle.admin.addplotAdds new plot to the arenaPlayer
/bba removeplot [arena] [plot ID]buildbattle.admin.removeplotRemove target plot from the arenaPlayer
/bba addnpcbuildbattle.admin.addnpcSpawn floor changer NPC at your location Requires CitizensPlayer
/bba settheme [theme]buildbattle.admin.setthemeSet new theme of arena Works only when game started, and for 20 seconds after startPlayer
/bba votes [add/set] [amount] (player)buildbattle.admin.supervotes.manageAdd or set super votes to target player or yourself Use - (minus) to remove votesPlayer/Console
/bba plotwandbuildbattle.admin.plotwandGet plot wand for setupping arenasPlayer

Basic permissions

Basic premissions are default permissions for games. Default permissions can be found in config.yml

Arena-Edit-Permission: "buildbattle.edit"
Join-Permission: "buildbattle.join.<arena>"

Additional permissions

buildbattle.command.bypass - Be able to bypass in-game command restriction