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Commands and permissions

Overview about all commands and permissions


[required argument] (optional argument)


/mm join [arena/maxplayers]murdermystery.join.%arena% murdermystery.join.*(all arenas)Joins specified arena - maxplayers join arena with most players
/mm randomjoinRequires permission murdermystery.join.* to access all arenasJoins random arena
/mm arenasmurdermystery.arenasOverview over all arenas in one GUI. Select one to join
/mm stats (online player)Shows your stats or (online player) stats
/mm leaveQuits current game. You can disable game quit in config.yml
/mm top [statistic]Shows TOP 10 players of specified statistic



You can use murdermystery.admin.* permission to give all admin commands permission

CommandPermissionDescriptionValid Executors
murdermystery.updatenotifyNotifies about plugin update on join
murdermystery.command.overrideAllows to use every command while being in-game
murdermystery.admin.sign.create (creating signs by hand) murdermystery.admin.sign.break (destroying signs)You can create or break signs with those permissions
/mm create [arena]murdermystery.admin.createCreates new arena with specified namePlayer
/mm [arena] editmurdermystery.admin.createEdits existing arenaPlayer
/mma listmurdermystery.admin.listPrints list of available arenasPlayer/Console
/mma stopmurdermystery.admin.stopgameStops game you're playingPlayer
/mma forcestartmurdermystery.admin.forcestartForce starts gamePlayer
/mma reloadmurdermystery.admin.reloadReloads all game instances they will be stopped. Usage highly discouraged!Player/Console
/mma delete [arena]murdermystery.admin.deleteDeletes specified arenaPlayer
/mma tp [arena] [location type]murdermystery.admin.teleportTeleports to specified arena location Location types: START, END, LOBBYPlayer
/mma removeblockmurdermystery.admin.removeblockRemoves the special block you are looking atPlayer

Basic permissions#

Basic premissions are default permissions for games. Default permissions can be found in config.yml. You can edit them to your likings.

Full-Games-Permission: "murdermystery.fullgames"
# <arena> represents arena name (NOT MAP NAME!), for example: 'murdermystery.join.MM02'
# use 'murdermystery.join.*' to enable access to all arenas
Join-Permission: "murdermystery.join.<arena>"
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