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Simple Setup

Fast way to set up your arena


Check if you got all of these points for an complete arena setup

  • Map for game and lobby (can be on the same world)
  • The game can contain special blocks
    • You can set the following blocks on your map
      • Cauldron
      • Enchanting table
  • [Multiworld] If you want you can set up signs, therefore just place sign(s) on the location you want

Make sure to create an extra world for the maps you want to use for this plugin as it determines compatibility issues with other plugins.

Create instance

Start with the creation of your arena instance with the following command:

/mm create <arenaname>

After creating the instance you can start editing it with the next command:

/mm <arenaname> edit

Now we are at a very simple stage were you just need to follow the instructions on menu. After you finished an instruction you may proceed to the next one by typing the command again (and repeat until finished):

/mm <arenaname> edit

After you have set all up you enter the command the last time and click on the rocket to validate your instance. It will finish the instance and you are ready to go!

Bungeecord Mode

Follow the setup above. After you are done with all arenas you can simply enable Bungeemode on the config.yml. If it does not already exists it will create a file called bungee.yml after restart. On that file you can edit some values that are explained here.