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Some basic questions and answers

Limitation of liability disclaimer

Critical security exploit caused by Log4j

Make sure to be aware about a major security exploit found in 2021 on a common Java logging library. May your server is concerned by it. Check out article Check out article

Murder Mystery plugin SHOULD BE RUN on a separate world when using it on multi-mode servers like Factions, Survival, SkyBlock etc.

What Murder Mystery modifies in the world:

  • Visibility of players in the world
  • Modifies armorstands that are used for the arena
  • Might not be compatible with other minigames (game behavior may broke)

Using Murder Mystery you accept GPLv3 license and limitations of liability that Murder Mystery can cause, please become acquainted with following warnings before using Murder Mystery on a production server.

Supported versions of Murder Mystery

Supported versions are currently 1.8.8-1.17.1

If your plugin doesn't startup and you don't have this version you're receiving this message:

  _   _           _                                                    _                _
| \ | | ___ | |_ ___ _ _ _ __ _ __ ___ _ __ | |_ ___ __| |
| \| | / _ \ | __| / __| | | | | | '_ \ | '_ \ / _ \ | '__| | __| / _ \ / _` |
| |\ | | (_) | | |_ \__ \ | |_| | | |_) | | |_) | | (_) | | | | |_ | __/ | (_| |
|_| \_| \___/ \__| |___/ \__,_| | .__/ | .__/ \___/ |_| \__| \___| \__,_|
|_| |_|
Your server version is not supported by Murder Mystery!
Sadly, we must shut off. Maybe you consider changing your server version?

Players can't join through signs

This is a very common problem in every minigame plugin.

It's caused by spawn protection feature in vanilla Minecraft.

To disable this go to and change spawn-protection value to 0.


Info! You can no longer create signs in radius of spawn protection since Murder Mystery 1.1.2, you'll be warned instead.

Corpses last words and their permissions


Since version 1.7.5 you can add as many last words + permissions as you want.

How to add new ones?

Message: "&fPlease respawn :("
Message: "&fDespacito 2 is confirmed by God"
Permission: ""
Message: "&fWHY YOU KILLED ME?!!?"
Permission: "murdermystery.lastwords.rage"
Message: "&fIt was lagging..."
Permission: ""
Message: "Turn off your hacks..."
Permission: "murdermystery.lastwords.hacker"
Message: "Awesome new last word"
Permission: "murdermystery.lastwords.nicenewpermission"

How it works?

For all last words a player has permissions to, a last word is randomly picked and displayed. If the player has no access to any last word, either the last word with no permission (priority) or the first one in the list will be picked out (fallback)

Deprecated (lower 1.7.5)


Last words are written in their permission order! First is meme so it will be displayed if player has both permissions for meme and pro for example.

PriorityLast wordDescriptionPermission
1MemeDespacito 2 is confirmed by
2RageWHY YOU KILLED ME?!!?murdermystery.lastwords.rage
3ProIt was
4DefaultPlease respawn :(None

Bow trails

Which particles/trails are inside the plugin?

You can use all particles that are on your minecraft version as we are importing the particles of the server version that is running

How it works?

For all trails a player has permissions to, a trail is randomly picked and displayed. If the player has no access to any trail, it will not display any trail.

What are the permissions for trails?



Example you want to give the heart particle to your players.

Particle name: HEART -> lowercased: heart -> Permission: murdermystery.trails.heart

Deprecated (lower 1.7.5)


Trails are written in their permission order! First is heart so it will be displayed if player has both permissions for heart and flame for example.

PriorityParticle typePermission

Can I increase chance of being Detective/Murderer?

You can check special permission nodes:


Setting up for example murdermystery.role.detective.15 will give you 15 more points for being a detective


Info! Please avoid giving very high percentage values because other normal users will likely never be able to play as one of these roles

How to remove an special block?

Just look at any specialblock and type in

/mma removeblock

Make sure that you have the permission: murdermystery.admin.removeblock

How does randomjoin work?

There are kinda like two cases:

All arenas on waiting for players stage: It will send players to a random arena

One (or more) arenas are on starting stage: It will send players to one random arena that is on starting stage

How can I enable my old Scoreboard after leaving the game?


You have to enable rewards in your config.yml ( Rewards-Enabled: true )

Please edit the following section in your rewards.yml file:

#Helpful for servers that are using more than one scoreboard!
- commands to execute

With the type scoreboard_remove you execute commands after removing our scoreboard.

There you can add for example the following command:

  • - p:sb on to execute the command /sb on from the player
  • or - sb on %PLAYER% to execute the command /sb on %PLAYER% from the console

Be sure to use commands that your plugin supports!

Learn more about the Rewards.yml here


If your scoreboard plugin doesn't support a command to activate the scoreboard please contact the dev of the plugin to add this command!