Find your variable for the ingame scoreboard

These are the internal placeholders for TheBridge. They are included with the plugin, so you do not have to download them.

%MIN_PLAYERS%Minimum players size
%PLAYERS%Size of all players in arena
%PLAYERS_LEFT%Size of alive players in arena
%TIME%Current arena timer (ex. 10 seconds before start)
%FORMATTED_TIME%Returns time formatted
%ARENA_NAME%Returns arena name
%ARENA_ID%Returns arena id
%BASES%Returns all bases formatted
%BASE_COLOR%Returns players base color
%BASE%Returns base name (color name)
%BASE_FORMATTED%Returns base name colored like you want (See Bases.Color)
%BASE_PLAYERS%Returns players on team
%BASE_YOU%Returns Scoreboard.Bases.Inside if you are on that base
%FORMATTED_POINTS%It multiplies and set colors for the points (See Scoreboard.Mode)
%MODE_VALUE%Returns the value player needs to win
%MODE%Returns the mode that player plays
%RESET_BLOCKS%Returns after how many rounds the blocks got reset
%ONLYIFRESETBLOCKS%Hides the line if resetblocks is disabled
%LOCAL_KILLS%Returns kills at that round
%LOCAL_SCORED_POINTS%Returns mode points at that round
%LOCAL_DEATHS%Returns deaths at that round

You can also use the placeholders from PlaceholderAPI.

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