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Plugin files explained

a.k.a Plugin configuration section

Basic files#


This file is only for in-game usage. It's not recommended to edit it while the server is on! The file contains all information about created arenas.


BungeeCord configuration is there. You must enable bungee support first in config.yml. Set BungeeActivated to true to enable it.


What is MOTD Manager? MOTD Manager modifies server's MOTD to make it readable by Server Bungeecord systems like Timo Cloud, CloudNet and Bungee Signs. MOTD is based on game state if that option is enabled.


config.yml is very well commented. No need to explain more any part of it.


Here you can set up MySQL plugin configuration. You need to enable MySQL first in config.yml. Set DatabaseActivated option to true.


Here you can set up rewards that your players can get after specific triggers. Commands are executed by default BY CONSOLE, use "p:" to preform command by player. You can also use chance to execute command adding "chance(NUMBER):" (ex chance(10):) at the beginning of command.

Additional content#

Language and locales#

Plugin is 95% translatable via language.yml file.

However, you can use localization support which is implemented in MM.

To change locale of plugin go to config.yml and modify locale value.


Our locales system generates temporary files on ~/locales

The only file you should edit is the language.yml on the main plugin folder!

How can I edit my locale?#


We have been looking for a perfect solution for a very long time. Currently you can change your locale by editing the language.yml. It works like this: The plugin loads the selected locale and everything in the language.yml that doesn't match the standard English sentence. It overwrites the locale and so you have your locale overwritten. So always remember to edit only in the language.yml.

Valid localizations (gathered via POEditor API):#

# default - English language. Uses 'language.yml'.
# de - Deutsche sprache pl - Język polski
# es - Idioma español
# fr - Langue française
# hu - Magyar nyelv
# pt_br - Português Brasileiro
# it - Lingua italiana ru - Русский язык
# nl - Dutch

Stats storage types#

Current stats storage types for player statistics:#

  • Flat file (.yml) - enabled by default
  • MySQL (database) - can be enabled in config.yml (see mysql.yml)
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