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Useful server admin tips


This server admin tips were originally made for VillageDefense, so may change the kits


These tips should be EULA friendly, but may not!


We are not responsibility for other plugins. Please contact the authors of the plugins!

Let's start taking profit from our server!

Buyable kits for coins#

Required plugins: ChestCommands GUI (or other), Vault, Permissions plugin, any plugin that gives coins or use rewards#

1. Using ChestCommands GUI you can create menu like that:

Just create good-looking GUI via Chest Commands, set item prices (requires Vault) and in command to execute use command from your permissions plugin.


ID: magma_cream
COMMAND: 'console: pex user {player} add thebridge.kit.cleaner;tell: &eThanks for purchase!' #for PermissionsEx
#COMMAND: 'console: lp user {player} permission set thebridge.kit.cleaner true;tell: &eThanks for purchase!' #for LuckPerms
- '&7Clean map very fast and easy!'
- '&7Click to buy for &e&l3000 coins'
PRICE: 3000

2. Edit kit descriptions in language.yml

Go to language.yml and modify descriptions of kits that you're selling via shop above. Add information that kit is available to buy for coins. You must add enough spaces to wrap this line to next line.

In overall it looks like this:

3. Profit

Party support#

Required plugins: (Recommend) Parties or PartyAndFriends for Spigot or Bungee#

Using Bungee?#

1. Install the party plugin on your bungee and spigot server and restart both servers

2. Make sure to use the same database on both servers. (If you use MySQL us the same database and set it up on both servers)

(3.) Only if you use PAF for Bungee, you will need to install the PAF Addon and follow the instruction of it.


Basically the party plugin on spigot works as a brige beetween bungee - (spigot) - our minigame

3. Profit

Using Spigot?#

1. Install the party plugin on your spigot server and restart the server

2. Our plugin will automatically hook into the party plugin

3. Profit

Bungeecord Lobby Signs#

Required plugins: BungeeSigns#

1. Install the BungeeSigns plugin on your lobby servers

2. Set it up like the plugin thread says it

3. Profit

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