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Commands and permissions

Overview about all commands and permissions


[required argument] (optional argument)


/vd join [arena/maxplayers]villagedefense.join.%arena% villagedefense.join.* (all arenas)Joins specified arena - maxplayers join arena with most players
/vd randomjoinRequires permission villagedefense.join.* to access all arenasJoins random not started arena
/vd arenasvillagedefense.arenasOverview over all arenas in one GUI. Select one to join
/vd stats (online player)Shows your stats
/vd leaveQuits current game. You can disable game quit in config.yml
/vd top [statistic]Shows top 10 users from requested statistic
/vd selectkitvillagedefense.command.selectkitChange kit while being in game



You can use villagedefense.admin.* permission to give all admin commands permission

CommandPermissionDescriptionValid excecutors
villagedefense.updatenotifyNotifies about plugin update on join
villagedefense.command.overrideAllows to use every command while being in-game
villagedefense.admin.sign.create villagedefense.admin.sign.breakYou can create or break signs with those permissions
/vd create [arena]villagedefense.admin.createCreates new arena with specified namePlayer
/vd [arena] editvillagedefense.admin.createEdits existing arenaPlayer
/vda listvillagedefense.admin.listPrints list of available arenasPlayer/Console
/vda stopvillagedefense.admin.stopgameStops game you're playingPlayer
/vda forcestartvillagedefense.admin.forcestartForce starts game you're inPlayer
/vda respawn (player)villagedefense.admin.respawn villagedefense.admin.respawn.othersRespawn you/specified player in your arenaPlayer
/vda spychatvillagedefense.admin.spychatToggles all arenas chat visibility (multi-arena feature only)Player
/vda reloadvillagedefense.admin.reloadReloads all game instances they will be stopped. Usage highly discouraged!Player/Console
/vda delete [arena]villagedefense.admin.deleteDeletes specified arenaPlayer
/vda tp [arena] [location type]villagedefense.admin.teleportTeleports to specified arena location Location types: START, END, LOBBYPlayer
/vda clear [mobtype]villagedefense.admin.clearClears specified mobs in your gamePlayer
/vda addorbs [amount] (player)villagedefense.admin.addorbs villagedefense.admin.addorbs.othersAdds orbs (game currency) to you/specified playerPlayer/Console when player argument is specified
/vda addlevel [number] (player)villagedefense.admin.addlevelAdd levels to playerPlayer/Console
/vda setlevel [number] (player)villagedefense.admin.setlevelSet levels of playerPlayer/Console
/vda setwave [number]villagedefense.admin.setwaveSets wave of gamePlayer
/vda setprice [amount]villagedefense.admin.setpriceSets price of holding item (use this for shop otherwise item won't work)Player

Basic permissions#

Basic permissions are default permissions for games. Default permissions can be found in config.yml. You can edit them to your likings.

Full-Games-Permission: "villagedefense.fullgames"
Vip-Permission: ""
Mvp-Permission: "villagedefense.mvp"
Elite-Permission: "villagedefense.elite"
Arena-Edit-Permission: "villagedefense.edit"
Join-Permission: "villagedefense.join.<arena>"

Full-Games-Permission - Permission to join full arenas

Vip-Permission - Gives permission to donator kits, joining full games and getting 50% more orbs

Mvp-Permission - Same as Vip-Permission but gives 100% more orbs

Elite-Permission - Same as Vip-Permission but gives 150% more orbs

Arena-Edit-Permission - Permission for creating arenas, overrides disabled commands option via config.yml

Join-Permission - Permission to join arenas

Custom permissions#

Custom permissions are used for giving your players more orbs in game. Nothing more, nothing less.


Using dots . in custom permissions will not work and will break permission, don't use them!

Custom permissions can be set up in config.yml:

player-booster: 10
vip-booster: 100
staff-booster: 1000

player-booster - Gives player with this permission 10% more orbs on pickup

vip-booster - Gives player 100% more orbs

staff-booster - 1000% more orbs


Avoid low percent values! Remember that 10% more orbs are actually nothing because it's 5~8 orbs + only 10% of this value more so you won't see any significant increase, use higher values too see the difference


Permissions can be combined! Giving player permission player.booster and vip.booster will receive 110% more orbs on the pickup!

Kits permissions#

Every kit has its own permission node to access it. Even if it's level kit, you can still unlock it getting its permission.


  • Archer kit permission - villagedefense.kit.archer
  • Tornado kit permission - villagedefense.kit.tornado
  • Heavy Tank kit permission - villagedefense.kit.heavytank

Info! Premium kits also unlocks with Vip/Mvp or Elite permissions and leveled kits are unlocked too when certain level is reached.

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